Views from a Ridge

Cynthia B. Astle

  • Defending Transgender Kids

    Charlie Riedel AP

    Don't Sacrifice Transgender Kids on a Political Altar

    A conflict over a transgendered student performing a featured role in a school production of "Oklahoma!" demonstrates that the campaign against trans kids serves a darker, more dangerous purpose that Christians should defend against. Read more


  • <i>MAGA Jesus</i>

    On the Heels of Every Hope

    Christmas 2023, overshadowed by the year's many threats and calamities, challenges us to remember the hope of God's reign embodied in Jesus, our Emmanuel. Read more


Notable Quotes

"I want to share again that I believe one of the most important tasks facing you right now is living out Jesus’ imperative for unity. Take risks to reach out to those with whom you differ because the world needs to see how the Good News of the Gospel is powerful enough to bring people together who otherwise would remain divided."

– Retired Bishop Gary E. Mueller in his farewell letter to the Arkansas Conference