Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith

  • Prescription form

    Methodism is Best in Triplicate

    Five states significantly reduced the effects of the opioid epidemic through one unusual accountability practice, and Methodists of all kinds would do well to pay attention. Read more

  • Peas and Carrots

    The United Methodist 10

    The Rev. Jeremy Smith has led moree than 16 years of “new member” classes for introductions to The United Methodist Church. Here are his "United Methodist Ten" definitions for use as a teaching tool. Read more

  • Justice scales

    Judicial Council Single-handedly Pivots The United Methodist Church

    Recent Judicial Council rulings have single-handedly hampered the WCA’s planned exiting of people, property, and resources from The United Methodist Church AND opened the pathway to revolutionizing The UMC. Here’s what can happen next. Read more

  • GMC Illustration

    Global Methodist Church: Where Did it Come From?

    The Global Methodist Church is the latest in a long line of disgruntled Methodists who have removed people, property, and finances from The United Methodist Church in order to create their own perspective free of accountability and oversight. Read more

Notable Quotes

"I want to share again that I believe one of the most important tasks facing you right now is living out Jesus’ imperative for unity. Take risks to reach out to those with whom you differ because the world needs to see how the Good News of the Gospel is powerful enough to bring people together who otherwise would remain divided."

– Retired Bishop Gary E. Mueller in his farewell letter to the Arkansas Conference